Benefits of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)


Fibreglass is also commonly known as Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP. This material has many advantages over other traditional materials used in the manufacture of water storage tanks. GRP is the perfect choice when it comes to installing a modern cold water storage tank. Continue reading for more information.

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GRP Tanks are Corrosion-Resistant

Steel has historically been used to store water, but it is corrosive and requires galvanizing. On the other hand, GRP is corrosion-resistant and resistant to chemicals, wastewater and sewage. Because our glass reinforced plastic is made up of dense fibres, it won’t corrode, rust or degrade over time, and the fibreglass mat helps form a resin layer that won’t crack over time. Consequently, this system is highly tolerant of even the most aggressive environments and can withstand corrosion challenges encountered by industries. Maintenance-free, GRP has a longer lifespan than traditional steel.

High Strength Factor

Despite its lightweight nature, GRP has high strength. In strength tests, GRP outperforms traditional materials, including aluminium, making this material perfect for long-term use. Each of our GRP products consists of thousands of fibreglass strands encased within the high quality polyester resin. This makes the material incredibly strong yet far lighter than steel (usually just a fourth of a similar steel structure) and enables water storage tanks to outperform and outlast their traditional steel

Long Life Span

The lifespan of a one-piece GRP water storage tank is 25 years, a period far longer than that of alternative materials. During this time, the GRP will not need to be treated to maintain it, so you don’t need to worry about coating or painting it. This will also reduce costs associated with a water tank replacement.

Lightweight Material

It is a lightweight material that offers a range of advantages. As a result, installing roofs will require less reinforcement, as lighter weight and no heavy lifting equipment will be needed. It is possible to significantly lower installation costs and make it feasible to install a cold water storage tank in a wide range of properties without having to use cranes.

GRP is clearly the best choice compared to other materials used to manufacture water storage tanks. In every test, this lightweight and corrosion-resistant material outperforms traditional materials and will last longer. When it comes to installing a sectional water tank in your home, GRP tanks are an excellent choice.

GRP for Water Storage

A GRP tank is ideal for storing and distributing potable/clean drinking water. Schools, hospitals, and homes can benefit greatly from the installation of a GRP tank. It is adapted to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria, and also to keep dirt and insects away. This will result in a clean and constant supply of water. Water can be stored safely, economically, and cleanly in glass reinforced plastic tanks.

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