HSE Health Care Centre

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September 2023


North Co Dublin

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North Co Dublin

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

Water tank 2x1x1.5   3000 litres tank

Tricel Solution

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Urgent need for installation of Water Tank

October 8th Tricel Customer Serice team received a call from Chadwick Building Material Drogheda.  The challenge was to deliver a 3000-litre 2x1x1.5 water tank to a HSE Health Care Centre in Dublin, which had an urgent need for installation due to the critical nature of the facility.


In response to the challenge, we prioritised the delivery of the water tank to the HSE Health Care Centre. Recognising the urgency, we delivered the tank promptly and expedited the installation process to ensure the facility had access to essential water supply as soon as possible.

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Working alongside Chadwick Building Material Drogheda, the result was a successful and timely delivery of the water tank to HSE Health Care Centre, addressing their immediate water supply needs. This quick response ensured that the healthcare facility could continue its operations without interruption, contributing to the well-being of the community it serves.