Guidelines for locating water tanks


The following recommendations for locating water tanks, are generally for elevated tanks. Tanks located at elevated positions can cause damage to the surrounding area in the event of wall, pipe or structural support failure resulting in water spilling out at a fast rate.

Consideration must be given to minimise the effects of such an occurrence, in terms of locating the tank and regular inspection for defects.

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Locating Water Tanks

• Water tanks should be located to prevent water damage or consequential loss in the event of leakage howsoever occurring.
• All tanks which are located above water sensitive areas should have a bund wall around them with adequate evacuation ducts.
• All other tanks should have Condensation or Drip trays to prevent nuisance damage and to keep floors dry.

Problem may arise with tanks due to, lack of maintenance, failure of the structural supports
underneath the tanks, contaminated water attacking the internal fittings, ball valve failure where
overflows were not fitted, vandalism etc.

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Water Tanks located on Top of Buildings

Water tanks located on top of any building should be sited at least 1.2 meters away from the edge of the building. It would be preferable if the water tank was sited 1.5 times the height of the tank away from the edge of the building. In the event of failure, this would allow the water to spread itself over a much wider area before spilling over the edge of the building and possibly taking personnel or debris with it.

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Water Tanks located on Elevated Structures

For water tanks located on top of elevated structures, a walkway of at least 1 meter should be provided all around the water tank to allow for maintenance and inspection. This walkway should comply with health and safety regulations.

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Potable Water Tanks

To comply with the Health & Safety Executive regulations on the Control of Legionellosis 1998, Cold Water Storage Tanks must be located in areas that are “readily accessible for cleaning”. Regular Maintenance and Inspections as required by Health & Safety Legislation.

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