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Format 30 Sectional Water Tanks

Format 30 is Tricel’s description of Sectional Tank Panel  with heavy duty panel covers, complete with screened vents, overflows, warning pipes etc. They would also have roof panels and side walls insulated with encapsulated CFC-Free polyurethane foam. This meets the requirements of section 30 of the water byelaws in most situations. Tanks in boiler rooms, etc. may also need base insulation.

Please note: Insulation slows down but does not prevent heat loss or gain over protracted periods. Additional information is available in BS 7491 & BS 6700

Sectional Tank assembly

Tanks insulated and finished to Format 30

MIC Sectional Tank

Note: This is only an example of one type of insulation skin, there are different arrangements for different types of tanks.

Pipe connections for insulated cold water storage tanks

The areas where pipe connections can be made on insulated tanks are more restricted than in standard tanks, the picture shows a recess in the insulation panel to allow for the pipe connections.

  • Current legislation states that hot or cold water in any premises that might be used for human consumption must be of potable quality.
  • In addition to tank material specifications, there are no further requirements for lid design, the screening of vents, breathers, overflows, warning tell-tale pipes and the provision of insulation which will help prevent freezing and also help keep the water as cool as practicable, ideally less than 20ºC.

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