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Water is essential in our lives, which makes it vital to have a reliable water supply. Water tanks provide a secure means of storing water. However, it can prove to be a challenge to get the right water tank. Customers have different water storage needs, space, and access restrictions on-site and within their buildings. This is where bespoke tanks come in, providing a customisable option that meets various water storage needs.

Bespoke tanks are custom-made water storage tanks tailored to your specific needs. If you are in search of a water tank that is unique in its size, this is the ideal solution to go with.  In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of purchasing a bespoke water tank and why it is the perfect choice for your property.

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Tricel's Range of Bespoke Tanks

When it comes to water storage, one size does not fit all. The varying needs of clients and space limitations affect the type and size of water tank required for each property, making bespoke tanks the perfect solution. Tricel recognises the different customer needs, and we offer our customers a bespoke service that includes manufacturing a GRP water storage tank with custom-designed water tank lids and drip trays.

By choosing our customised tanks manufactured at our factory in Killarney, you can have a tank designed to meet your specific site and water capacity needs.

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The Benefits of a Custom Moulded Water Tank

A bespoke tank has several advantages over a standard water tank. Here are a few benefits of choosing to purchase a customized tank:

Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

These water storage tanks are designed to meet specific requirements customers have due to their site or capacity needs. As our customer, our team of experts here at Tricel will work closely with you to help you decide the size and shape of your bespoke tank. Your tank can come manufactured in format 30, our insulated tank range.

Durability of a Bespoke Water Tank

Tricel water tanks are all GRP manufactured, making them a durable water storage solution. The GRP material is strong yet lightweight and offers other benefits as it is corrosion-resistant. Our range of tanks ensures businesses save costs in the long run because these custom tanks require minimal maintenance.

Efficient Water Storage

Purchasing a bespoke tank means the customer has a water storage solution tailored to their specific requirements and ensures you only pay for what you need. The tank will not be too small for the capacity needs resulting in a tank replacement down the line or larger than intended meaning the business incurred more water storage costs for a tank they will not use to its full capacity.

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Bespoke tanks offer a customisable water storage solution for those with capacity and site restrictions. This allows businesses to have a water storage tank tailored to their specific requirements and goes further to ensure that they have a reliable and consistent water supply.

Thanks to the GRP material used in manufacturing these tanks, customers can have a cost-effective tank built to last. If you’re looking for a water storage solution that meets your unique requirements, Tricel’s bespoke tanks manufactured in Killarney are the best option. We have extensive experience as a leading manufacturer of water storage tanks since the 1970s. With their custom design, durability, and efficiency, our bespoke tanks are the ideal solution for any home or business.

From design and mould-making to the manufacturing and installation of these custom tanks, Tricel will work with you at every step. Contact us today and get your free quote for a bespoke water tank.

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