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The damage due to fires is devastating, making it vital to have fire safety measures in place to reduce the risks. Installing fire suppression tanks is one sure way to reduce the impact fires can have on your business. Having a readily available water source ensures a quick and effective response during fire emergencies.

This article explains in detail the importance of fire suppression tanks and presents different scenarios highlighting the benefit of having them installed on your property.

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Fire suppression tanks can come in the form of misting tanks, which are ideal for areas that large amounts of water cannot cover or reach. They produce droplets which create a layer of steam to eliminate oxygen for the fire to spread and reduce the temperature. Another form of fire suppression tank is the sprinkler tank which also stores an emergency water supply for firefighting purposes.

Fire suppression tanks have various features to enhance their effectiveness in fire emergencies. Let’s explore the key components and working mechanisms of these tanks:

  • Capacity

Designed to hold different volumes of water depending on the specific requirements of the customer and site restrictions. Whether you require a fire suppression tank for residential or commercial sites, Tricel has the right solution for you.

  • Construction

These tanks use durable GRP material, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Each tank designed for fire suppression has an external aluminium ladder for safe access inside the water tank. Tricel tanks can also have protective hand-railing that is added around the perimeter of the tank.

  • Water Inlet and Outlet

Fire suppression tanks have water inlet and outlet mechanisms, enabling a seamless water flow during firefighting operations. An AB Air gap prevents water from filtering into the mains water supply.

  • Overflow and Drainage Systems

A commonly asked questioned is if a leaking overflow pipe is dangerous? The answer is yes. To prevent overfilling, fire suppression tanks are designed with overflow and drainage systems, ensuring proper management of water levels. The correct principles must be followed to ensure that overflow and warning pipes are installed correctly to avoid expensive and potentially dangerous structural damage and possible health risks.

  • Access Points

Fire suppression tanks include access points for maintenance and inspection purposes, facilitating easy monitoring and upkeep. A side access hatch is also included in the design of the suppression tank, and an internal ladder to provide safe access to the tank.


1. Instant Fire Control

Fire suppression tanks are specifically designed to provide a reliable, immediate and consistent water supply for firefighting purposes. Tricel designs its tanks to hold large volumes of water sufficient to combat fires swiftly and effectively. If a fire breaks out on site, fire suppression tanks provide the emergency water supply needed to stop the spread immediately, preventing any property damage and injuries to staff.

Case Point: If a fire breaks out in a warehouse, having a fire suppression tank enables firefighters to access a substantial water source within minutes. Warehouses can contain large amounts of potentially flammable goods, putting them at a higher risk of fires.

2. Enhanced Firefighting Capabilities

Emergency response teams or safety crews have improved firefighting capabilities when a fire suppression tank is installed on-site. These tanks provide an uninterrupted water supply which is vital for businesses in remote areas with limited access to water.

Case Point: A breakout fire at a manufacturing plant located in a remote area can result in the loss of valuable assets, disrupted supply chains and possibly the loss of life. Installing a fire suppression tank becomes increasingly crucial for such businesses, as it enables them to be well equipped to contain any fires, saving their business and nearby communities from the destructive impact.

3. Versatile Deployment Options

They offer versatility in terms of deployment and installation. They can be customized to fit specific requirements to suit the available space and landscape. This flexibility ensures that fire suppression tanks can be integrated into various settings, such as residential properties, commercial complexes, industrial sites, and even remote locations, providing effective fire protection wherever needed.

Case Point: Given space restrictions, a fire suppression tank in a densely populated commercial zone could be challenging to install outdoors. However, suppose there is a plant room in the basement of a commercial building. In that case, our team of engineers at Tricel will work with you to develop the best way to construct this fire suppression tank to meet your specific capacity and site requirements.

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4. Reduces Reliance on Municipal Water Supply

A large-scale fire incident would require an adequate, reliable water supply to help combat the flames. Municipal water sources can be unreliable, and the water supply can be interrupted without notice. This would worsen the circumstances as every minute counts during a fire emergency. Fire suppression tanks provide a dedicated water supply which means that the efforts to suppress the fire are not stopped due to an unreliable water supply.

Case Point: If a major fire incident occurs during the maintenance of a city-wide water supply pipeline, businesses are left vulnerable if a fire breaks out. Fire suppression tanks are vital in circumstances like this because firefighters will have a water source to extinguish or control the flames. Installing a fire suppression tank ensures the municipal water supply is not strained, avoiding potential water shortage issues.

5. Cost-Effective Fire Protection Solution

Investing in those systems can save costs for property owners in the long-run. By promptly suppressing fires and minimizing property damage, fire suppression tanks can help reduce the financial impact of fire incidents, including repair costs, business interruption, and insurance premiums.

Case Point: An industrial facility that encounters a fire emergency can rapidly suppress the flames if sprinkler systems are connected. The result of this is thousands of euros worth of assets saved, and fire suppression tanks ultimately cost a fraction of what the damages may cost without one.

At Tricel, we work closely with our customers to manufacture durable fire suppression tanks that meet their requirements and capacity needs. Get in touch with our team of experts today to find out more.


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