Water Storage Tanks in Ireland


Water Storage Tanks Ireland are indispensable for both residential and commercial structures, serving a variety of purposes from storing substantial water quantities to enhancing fire protection measures. Tricel, a trusted name in the industry, has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying cold water storage tanks since the 1970s, offering Irish customers a reliable and durable solution.

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Choosing Your Water Storage Tank Type

Tricel boasts a diverse range of water storage tanks in Ireland, catering to different needs:

1. One Piece Tanks

Ideal for easy installation and maintenance, one-piece tanks from Tricel require no additional components, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Their seamless design allows for effortless connection, resulting in quicker installation times.

2. Sectional Tanks

Perfect for larger projects, sectional tanks offer added security with their modular design. This flexibility makes them suitable for projects that demand extra space or specific configurations.

3. Fire Sprinkler Tanks

Tricel manufactures fire sprinkler tanks, providing an essential pressurized water source to prevent the spread of fires during emergencies.

4. Misting Tanks

For cooling during hot summer days and dust suppression in industrial areas, Tricel’s misting tanks offer an additional layer of safety and functionality.

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Purchasing a Water Storage Tank in Ireland

Clients who engage with Tricel’s experienced sales team receive comprehensive guidance on sizing, design, and installation. Tricel’s on-site sales team supports customers throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. Direct purchases from Tricel come with the advantage of nationwide site crews capable of handling projects of any size, irrespective of location or complexity.

Tricel’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction positions them as the preferred choice for clients in Ireland seeking reliable cold water storage solutions. Combining quality products and excellent customer service makes Tricel the go-to option for diverse projects.

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Quality Water Storage Tanks for the Irish Market

Tricel’s water storage tanks in Ireland are crafted from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), a highly durable and easily maintainable material. Each GRP tank undergoes rigorous testing at Tricel’s manufacturing facility in Killarney, ensuring that only top-quality products reach the customers. Fast delivery times, competitive prices, and comprehensive after-support further distinguish Tricel as a leader in the market, offering customers peace of mind.

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Getting a Quote for your Next Water Storage Tank in Ireland

For unparalleled service, superior products, and competitive prices in the field of cold water storage tanks in Ireland, Tricel stands out. The experienced team at Tricel understands customer needs and tailors solutions accordingly. Whether it’s an industrial project or a residential/commercial water capacity requirement, Tricel consistently ensures that customer expectations are met. Contact Tricel today for a quote and experience the reliability and excellence they bring to every project.

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