GRP Water Tanks


GRP water tanks are used in vented cold water systems to store larger volumes of water to provide cold Water Tanks that are not directly fed by the rising main.

A float-operated valve controls the water level in the tank, allowing water to enter when the level falls below the required level. As a result of the failure of the float-operated valve, water continues to enter the tank, accumulating until the overflow pipe is reached. The water will then be discharged through the overflow pipe and give a warning of the problem. On GRP water tanks, the float valve must be fitted with a backing plate to stiffen the side and prevent it from flexing.

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replacing Galvanised or Aspestos tanks

GRP water tanks - One Piece Tank

There are still some older properties with galvanised or asbestos water tanks, which were used before the 1970s. It is necessary to replace old galvanised tanks over time as they corrode, and it is safe to use asbestos tanks while in operation. It is essential to handle asbestos tanks with care when replacing them – never cut or break them since the dust they create will be extremely hazardous if inhaled; even tiny particles can pose a health risk.

GRP water tanks installed since the early 1990s must comply with Byelaw 30, which prevents water from being contaminated; a tight-fitting lid and a screen on the overflow are required to prevent insects from moving along the overflow, contaminating the tank’s water. In addition, pipes passing through the tank’s lid (such as vent pipes from hot water systems) must be sealed. Rubber grommets are typically installed in the lid over the pipe.

6000 Litre One Piece GRP water Tanks - One Piece Tank

A typical modern installation will have gate valves on the outlets and a stopcock in the feed line. In older installations, these valves may be absent. By isolating the tank from the pipework it feeds, gate valves ensure that no water needs to be drained and wasted when work is required along the pipework (like replacing a tap washer).

Because GRP water tanks are made of a material that allows them to be manufactured almost to any shape and size, they are entirely customisable.

The Tricel company has over 50 years of experience making GRP water tanks, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry today. We are a Killarney-based company serving the storage industry diligently for decades, providing safe and secure water storage solutions to hospitals, fire stations, and schools across Ireland and the UK. Click here for more information on our GRP Water Tanks and services.


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