Cork University Hospital Water Storage

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January 2020


Cork, Ireland

Industry Sector

Two No. 7 x 3.5 x 3 GRP insulated Sectional Water Storage Tanks complete with internal ladders and connections.

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

Two No. 7 x 3.5 x 3 GRP Insulated Sectional Water Storage Tanks complete with internal ladders and connections.

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Cork University Hospitals existing tank was up to 40 years old (26x 24 x 12 ft) and due for replacement. The hospital required the manufacture, delivery, and installation of a new water tank system.

Part of the scope of this project required, little or no disruption to the water supply. We visited the hospital in September to come up with a solution. The hospital has 800 beds and over 20 departments and services. CUH employs over 3,000 staff of multiple professions. Water supply is a priority service that could not be disrupted.

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The water tank was up on a tower with very little space. It was suggested by the Engineers on site that we dismantle half the existing tank, reduce the capacity to 1m of water at the other side of the divider, and then erect new tank at the side which was dismantled.

Our team of engineers evaluated the situation and proposed an alternative solution due to the age of the tank.

Our site crews identified the ideal solution to maintain a constant water supply service to the hospital during the work.

We erected the first tank on the ground while the existing tank provided water to the hospital. The mechanical contractor then plumbed the tank, once this was completed we proceeded to erect the second tank.


The recommendations from the Tricel team saved the need for a temporary water storage tank to be built on site. Our sales, manufacturing, and logistics departments and site crews worked together alongside the hospital contractors to ensure that the project was completed within the time frame required. We completed the project in January 2020.

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