What are Cold Water Storage Tanks Used For?


Cold water storage tanks are essential to any business or property’s plumbing system. They are sought after for their capability to hold small to large amounts of water for commercial or household purposes. Water storage tanks are generally made of plastic or metal and are manufactured in various shapes and sizes.

Their shape and size depend on the customer’s requirements, the building’s demand and whether there are site restrictions in place. Customers need to understand and follow guidelines to help them size the ideal tank for their site and water storage needs.
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What is a cold water storage tank?

There are different types of cold water tanks, and each tank has benefits specific to what a client needs. Typically, clients search for fibreglass, GRP-manufactured tanks because of their durability. The tanks can go for an extended period without requiring service or maintenance. Water storage tanks are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean if that is necessary. Water storage tanks are relatively low-cost for the benefits provided, making them a popular choice for property owners and businesses. The robust make-up of the water tanks means they can withstand external forces such as winds, rains, and other harsh weather conditions that could pose a threat to the safety of the water supply.

Despite their proven durability, it is a good practice to regularly check the tank for leaks or other issues and drain and clean it once a year to remove any bacteria or residue lingering inside the tank. This helps to maintain the quality of the water supply inside the cold water storage tanks.

Cold Water Storage Tank Components

Cold water tanks are constructed with different layers which makes them a durable water storage solution. The different layers serve different purposes and functions. The innermost layer is usually the waterproof liner used to prevent any leakages or water going through cracks in the tank’s outer walls. On top of this layer is the protective coating which acts as insulation. Water storage tanks can be manufactured standard without this protective coat or they can have it included. Tricel’s range of insulated tanks is known as the Format 30, which comes insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam and other added features, including overflows and warning pipes.

Insulation is a key feature of cold water storage tanks as it enables them to keep the water at a steady temperature without losing a lot of energy. It also prevents the heat from external sources from entering the tank and heating up the water. In areas with a hotter climate this is essential because the increased temperatures can make the water dangerous for consumption. This means the insulation helps to keep the water at a safe temperature for drinking and cool enough to use on hot days when municipal supplies may not be able to offer the same cooling effect.

A tight-fitting lid comes as part of these water storage tanks to prevent small insects from entering the tank and contaminating the water supply. This airtight lid on these water tanks is another factor that makes them a reliable water storage solution even in times of high demand or low pressure. The key benefit is how they prevent any moisture or impurities from getting into the water supply and polluting it.

GRP Tank

Functions of Cold Water Storage Tanks

The most common and sought-after water storage tanks are the One-Piece Tanks. Tricel offers a range of one-piece water storage tanks for potable and non-potable water. The tanks come in a wide range of sizes from 45 litres to the newest addition to the one-piece family, the large 6,000-litre capacity tank. These fully certified water tanks are a cost-effective cold water storage solution and thanks to the construction and materials used they require minimal to no maintenance.

Cold water storage remain a consistent water source during periods of high demand or low water pressure. This is a crucial benefit provided by these tanks, especially in locations that suffer from water shortages or are prone to droughts. In addition, properties far from a central water supply also benefit from the reliable source of water supplied by cold water storage tanks. Cistern tanks can be placed in different locations, including the attic, basement or outside, making them versatile water storage tanks. The main functions served by GRP cold water tanks include:

  • Providing steady water pressure
  • Consistently supplying the required amount of water
  • Keeping water temperatures stable
Water tank installation

It is essential to understand that various industries have different uses for cold water storage tanks:

Household Use:

Water storage tanks are used for domestic water supply to ensure people have access to a safe water source. These water tanks will be found in homes, apartment buildings and any other residential properties as they provide a consistent supply of cold water used for consumption, cooking and cleaning, amongst other tasks.

Commercial Use:

Retail stores, hotels, schools, stadiums and offices also use cold water storage tanks to store water for consumption, to use in restrooms, canteens and for HVAC systems. Cold water storage tanks in commercial settings are usually larger than those used in residential buildings. They are often constructed with additional features and components to keep the water temperature steady.

Industrial Use:

The uses for cold water storage tanks in industrial settings range from cooling and washing machinery to supplying water for manufacturing operations. Generally, these water tanks will have many different pumps and pipes connected to them, with filters and temperature systems also included.

Agricultural Use:

Cold water storage tanks are widely used at farms to store water for irrigation and to feed and wash livestock. They are essential in these agricultural settings because some farms can be far from a water source or in drought-prone areas. All tanks will vary in size and capacity depending on the scale of operations and the customer’s needs.

In conclusion, cold water storage tanks are vital for water systems as they offer various benefits to property owners and commercial businesses. They serve many functions including keeping the water temperature steady and supplying consistent water pressure during periods of high demand or low water pressure.

Customers in search of water tanks need to evaluate several factors including but not limited to the size, location of tank installation, material, and whether they require added features such as insulation. These easy-to-install cold water storage tanks provide a regular water supply source, making them an essential water storage solution. Contact our expert team for more information regarding our range of reliable cold water storage tanks.

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