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A One Piece Tank is a water storage solution constructed using a single piece of material, mainly fibreglass, plastic or metal. These tanks support several household and commercial tasks, including irrigation, holding drinking water, fighting fires, and being used for manufacturing processes.

One piece tanks, designed for potable and non-potable water storage, generally have a cylindrical or rectangular shape.

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Potable water is used for drinking and other cleaning tasks, and it must be stored safely and in the right conditions for it to be safe to use. According to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, for potable water to avoid creating conditions favourable for producing Legionella bacteria and other harmful organisms, it should either be below 20°C or above 50°C.

For potable water, one piece tanks must be easy to access for cleaning or maintenance, and there should be enough space around them in case cleaning equipment needs to be used. Local regulations and bye-laws can influence the location chosen for the one piece water tank. It is essential to adhere to the safety standards set by the manufacturer or building authority, as these can affect how suitable the one piece tanks are for that site.


Tricel has been manufacturing and supplying one piece tanks since the 1970s from its factory in Killarney. Only top-quality materials are used, such as glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). The benefits provided by GRP make it a preferred choice of material. Compared to other materials, GRP offers superior strength, which positively impacts the water tanks’ durability. The corrosion-resistant material makes one piece tanks a long-term water storage solution.

Since one piece water tanks are constructed from a single piece of material with no sections or panels, they provide an added benefit to customers. They rarely require maintenance or servicing, and no faulty panels or components will need replacing due to wear and tear.

6000 Litre One Piece GRP water Tanks - One Piece Tank


Tricel offers a wide range of one piece tanks available in various sizes to meet a customer’s specific water storage requirements. Tricel works with clients searching for bespoke tanks to design a custom water tank that meets their site and water capacity requirements.

The smallest one piece tank available holds a nominal capacity of 45-litres with tank dimensions of 495 x 370 x 345mm for both the standard uninsulated and insulated options. These smaller one piece tanks are suitable for domestic use, including drinking and cleaning.

The largest one piece tank is a new addition to the Tricel range, and it holds a nominal capacity of 6000-litres. The external dimensions of this water storage tank are 2200 x 2200 x 1540mm. The larger tanks are suitable for use in agriculture, industrial and commercial operations that require a reliable water source throughout the day and night.

This wide range of sizes on offer ensures that all our clients’ water storage needs are met. If you are unsure of the size of the one piece water tank you require, Tricel has a helpful water tank size calculator. The tool provides customers with an estimate based on the capacity, space available and tank weight restrictions they provide.


Customers or installers also have the option to include other features with their tank and these range from condensation trays to overflow pipes. Condensation trays are designed to suit all the various one piece tank sizes. If there is condensation that drips from the one piece water tank or its pipework this can damage the flooring holding the tank. It can cause a hazard for anyone working around the tank as the floors can become slippery.

Depending on whether pumps will drain the one piece tank, there would need to be air inlet vents placed on the tank. These vents facilitate fast draining of the water tank. Any pipework added to the one piece tanks must be self-supporting. Welded flanges to be connected to the tank must be cooled off before connecting to the water tank.

For format 30 (insulated) one piece tanks, a 1 ½ inch screened overflow pipe comes standard with all insulated tanks. This ensures that all insulated Tricel one piece tanks are compliant with the bye-laws.

one piece tank



Finding an appropriate water storage solution has troubled farmers for many years, especially during periods of drought. One piece water tanks are often used in agriculture to store irrigation water essential for growing crops.

These tanks are an ideal water storage solution in areas prone to droughts or when farmers are growing crops that constantly need watering. Farmers can connect a sprinkler to their tank, making it easier for them to water their crops.


One piece tanks are commonly used on construction sites to store water for various uses, including equipment cleaning and emergency fire suppression. There are cases in which heavy machinery leaves dust or chemical particles that could harm the workers’ health. One-piece tanks store potable water that can be released through sprinklers to wet down and clean those areas.


Landscapers often use water tanks to water plants and carry out ongoing projects. A one-piece tank offers landscapers and any individual undertaking commercial gardening a more effortless and cost-effective method of preserving their plants. It enables them to hold the required amount of water needed to carry out their projects and water plants whenever necessary.


A water storage tank is essential for manufacturing companies as they need the water to help serve several functions, including cooling equipment, emergency water supply, and water processes. One-piece tanks can have other uses within production systems, such as stock water, irrigation, plant washdown, and production management operations.


Due to mines being located in remote areas, it is vitally important to have water storage tanks on site. Typically, water tanks at mining sites are used to clean machinery, minimise the spread of dust, fire suppression and for washing operations. Having a one-piece water tank on site ensures that the mining operations can run smoothly and efficiently.

One piece water tanks are becoming an increasingly popular cold water storage solution as they provide customers with numerous benefits. The tanks can also be utilised within different industries to serve many use cases, from irrigation for crops on a farm and drinking water in a residential home to cleaning machinery at a mine.

They are a high-quality and cost-effective option for storing water. One piece water tanks are easy to install and require minimal maintenance as they are made from a durable, corrosion-resistant material. These benefits and the versatility of these one piece tanks compared with other types of water storage solutions make them a reliable and effective option to meet customer demands.

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